Casa Cote D'Azur



Project: Johanna Grawunder
Executive Architect: Manuel Cornaglia
Photo: Santi Caleca
Client: Gate 5 

Casa Cote D'Azur is a dramatic remodel of a classic "70's Monte Carlo flat.  Walls were removed and repositioned, eliminating all corridors and empowering a graceful way of life that embraces relaxed contemporaneity. The flat is now organized around a large open space "Salone" with an open kitchen, large dining area, and a "secret" studio, disguised with mirror pivot doors, that converts easily to a guest room The private spaces are found behind invisible doors. 

The spaces were modeled on tight, useful concepts of racing boat design and are compact and efficient. Built-in sofas, cabinets, nooks, and niches allow for an efficient and "neat" design. Integrated lighting, including a luminous wall and light ceiling, and the use of a mix of "High-low" (refined artisanal and industrial) unexpected materials gives the Casa Cote D'Azur a magical ambience and highly contemporary articulation.