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Alone Together

Assab One, Milan. 2018.
Light installations in the Assab One Art Space. Curated by Elena Quarestani and Marco Sammicheli. Immersive Light Installation consisting of two large walk-through elements: Let's Get Lost (Fluoro Pink)  and Mandala in the non-profit art space Assab One, Milan. 2018
Fabrication: BBW&L Italy/ Base srl.
collaborator Sonia Tellini
photos: Santi Caleca
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Installation in steel, light and reflection commissioned by Surface Design for the Skydeck in Los Angeles. 2017
Client: Surface Design/Carmel Partners
Collaborator: Sonia Tellini
Fabrication: Light Contract (Flos) Italy
Photos: Marion Brenner.

Alps Light

Custom light for a private home in the Alps.
Production: IMDA. Construction: Mozorati Ronchetti. 2011.
Client: Lea and Gregor Joos
Construction: BBWL


Ana Teresa Fernandez and Johanna Grawunder collaboration. Public art installation in San Francisco using the 5 “W’s” (where, what, when, why, who) which relate to the SF Chronicle building.
Concept by Ana Teresa Fernadex.
Producted by: Intersection for the Arts/Rebeka Rodriguez.
Collaborator: Andrea Faucett.
San Francisco, 2013.

Big Sky

A collection of limited edition lights and furniture.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Paris and London, 2012.
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Casa Cote D’Azure

Private flat in Cote d’Azur.
Executive architect: Manuel Cornaglia
Photo: Santi Caleca
Courtesy: Gate 5
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Davos Dilemma

A collection of lights and furniture in dialogue with the art of Rob Pruitt. Giustini & Partners, American Academy in Rome. Photos: Roma Neubauten. 2008.
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Dirty Toys

A collection of unique and limited edition lights locally made with pre-owned industrial components and artifacts (scavenged from local recycling yards). The Workshop Residence, San Francisco. February, 2013.
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Fendi Miami ”Light Tags”

Light and color installation for the Facade of the Fendi shop, Design District Miami. Galleria O. Roma. Miami, 2015.
Client: Fendi
Architect: Renato Viviano
Collaborator: Andrea Faucett

In the Desert

A collection of lamps and furniture presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan. Design Gallery Milan. 2003.
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LB Collection

Collection of custom designed lights for a private home.
Collaborator: Sonia Tellini, Andrea Faucett
Producer: IMDA Paris
Construction: Marzoratti Ronchetti
Production: IMDA
Photos: Thomas Mailender
Paris, 2011.


Luxembourg Freeport

Light installations/Light design for the facade and interiors of the Luxembourg Freeport. 
Architecture by 3BM3. Collaborator: Andrea Faucett. Production: IMDA Paris/FLOS Light Contract. Luxembourg, 2014.
Architecture: 3BM3
Producer: IMDA Paris
Fabrication: Light Contract (Flos) Italy
Collaborator: Andrea Faucett
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A collection of 9 large ceramics, limited edition production, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan. Galleria Roberto Giustini, Rome. 2002.
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Magic Cloud

Custom light installation in a private residence.
Architect: Peter Marino
Client: Sloan Barnett
Fabrication: BBW&L Italy
Collaborator Sonia Tellini


Roppongi Hills Streetscapes. Permanent installation design of street furniture and surrounding area.
Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. 2006-2007.
Client: Mori Building Co.
Collaborator: Sonia Tellini

New Positions

Office furniture for the new economy. Gallery Roberto Giustini, Rome, 2006. Photos: Santi Caleca.
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An exhibition of unique pieces by Enzo Cucchi with furniture supports by Johanna Grawunder. Instituto Culturale Italiano. Enzo Cucchi Ceramics. Johanna Grawunder Furniture. Prague, Czech Republic, 2005.
Photos: Sergio Mannino
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Primum Non Nocere

(Collection of limited edition furniture and lights)
for Galleria Antonella Bagnai
Production: Galleria Antonella
Location: Villanova, Firenze. 2011.
February 2011
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Client: ARK Restaurants/ Michael Weinstein
Restaurant Design: Schefer Design, LLC
Curator: Brian Salzman
Furniture Design; Michael Philip Wolfson
(cocktail tables, communal table) Vladimir Kagan (sofas)
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A 4-piece collection of limited edition LED lights and furniture presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan. Galleria Roberto Giustini, Roma. Emilio Mazzoli Galleria d’Arte Contemporaneo. 2007.
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Singapore Freeport

Client: The Singapore Freeport
Architecture: 3BM3/ Carmelo Stendardo
Collaborators: Andrea Faucett, Sonia Tellini
Producer: Galerie Italienne/ Ivan Mietton
Construction: Marzorati Ronchetti (corridors light ceilings),
Flos Light Contract (Façade, lobby lights)
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Design: Johanna Grawunder
Producer: I.M.D.A. Paris
Photos: Thomas Mailender
Collaborator: Sonia Tellini
Construction: Daniele Bolgan Falegname/ BBWL
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