Cherry Blossom Sky and Marching Tangerines. (Light Ceilings)

The lights for the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) are designed as the integrated ceiling of the restaurant, as opposed to objects hanging in the space. 

"Cherry Blossom Sky" is installed in the central dining/lounge area of the restaurant. It is an integrated ceiling of heavy wire mesh on a grid, with the luminous Cherry Blossom elements distributed evenly through out. Some of the elements are 3 levels tall and go up to the structural concrete ceiling, others are 2 levels and hang under the mesh ceiling. We have also integrated some small halogen downlights into the pattern, in order to control the color and quality of the light through out the space. The luminous elements are  stainless steel with pink colored acrylic panels, and LED light.

"Marching Tangerines" is the ceiling along the perimeter of the restaurant, the space between the original Durrell Stone-designed facade and the new Cloepfil-designed facade. Hanging by steel cables from the structural concrete ceiling in regular order, the constructed acrylic boxes with interior LED lights march along the perimeter space on both open sides. They are visible not only from the main room, and the perimeter space but also from Columbus Circle and Broadway, below, forming a light curtain along the 2 exterior facades.

I call these projects Light Ceilings, instead of chandeliers (too object-y) or light installations (too art-y)Cherry Blossom Sky and Marching Tangerines were produced by FLOS/Light Contract.

Johanna Grawunder
December 2009